Lynton Paddick has been involved in pest control since the early 1980's. Since 2005, he has treated all sorts of domestic pests. From infestations of cockroaches and bedbugs, right through to massive termite colonies. He has trained dozens of pest controllers in the best practices that are being applied in the pest control industry today and has helped them to establish very successful businesses. Lynton is the go-to expert for pest control for four major councils in South Australia, and is always the first person they call when they have an unusual pest control problem that needs fixing. He also has 40 plus technicians who call him on a regular basis for advice on pest control treatments, and even attends the site on the tricky pest control problems across Australia. Lynton started treating pests when he was on a large agricultural farm that specialised in growing Broccoli and tomatoes. He was instrumental in bringing long life high flavour tomatoes to Australia and was extensively involved in keeping pests out of these crops. In 2005 Lynton decided to get more involved in the domestic pest control treatments in Adelaide and started to work for various companies to acquire a different set of pest control skills. He worked very hard over the next 5 years learning from the best pest control providers in Adelaide. In 2010 Lynton decided to start his own business and formed his first pest control company. The following year he heard that Jim's was now getting into providing pest control services. Lynton and his wife, Stephanie, saw this as a fantastic opportunity and enquired about owning a franchise of their own. So, in 2011, they purchased their very first franchise. They worked together as a team, and set records in both growth and customer service in their new business within the Jim's Group. In 2012 the opportunity was presented to them to purchase the Region of South Australia, which of course they did not hesitate to do. Lynton and Stephanie worked very hard at developing the South Australian Region, and started to put measures in place which would ensure the growth of their franchisees' businesses. Lynton set about training existing, and new, franchisees in the best pest control practices he had learnt from the best pest control companies and manufacturers in Adelaide. This resulted in massive growth in the business as a whole, and the franchisees' businesses compared to the preceding years. In early 2016, because of the excellent work Lynton & Stephanie had undertaken in developing South Australia, as well as Lynton's commitment to improving the pest control services offered by Jim's, they were asked by Jim to manage the whole Pest Control Division within the Jim's Group. Lynton saw this as a great opportunity to develop the brand even more, and share his pest control expertise with the rest of Australia. In 2017 he looked at the opportunity to purchase the NSW region of Jim's Pest Control. After carefully considering where the Region sat, he and Stephanie decided that it was too good of an opportunity to let go. Lynton identified a huge potential to help the region, as well as be able to bring a new set of skills to the NSW franchisees. Lynton's role and work within Jim's has now seen him train new technicians in the industry in Tasmania, Darwin, Canberra, New South Wales, South Australia and Perth. He has also completed some training sessions with the team members in Victoria and Queensland. To better help technicians new to the industry and Jim's, Lynton has also written a book "A Guide To Pest Control In Jim's". This guide describes the processes of treating the most common pests found in Australia. Lynton has worked tirelessly in improving the pest control industry in Australia, and has put more emphasis on training new technicians in the most up-to-date pest control techniques and products. This has now resulted in Jim's Termite & Pest Control being recognised as an industry leader thanks to the hard work that Lynton has done.

Bee removal services

Bee Capture and Release

Bee Capture & Release Our buildings and gardens are ideal for bees because they provide food and an anchorage for their nests. Your garden can be a site to many hundreds of bees in the Summer. Although Jim’s Pest Control recognises bees are extremely beneficial insects, they can pose a danger to people. In these…


How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches Getting rid of roaches is no easy task. Not only do they multiply quickly but they can also survive for weeks without food. They are tenacious little pests. So if you want to get them out of your home, it’s going to take some time and patience or you…

Rats and mice - treat these pests with Jim's

Rats are running riot in the cold

Adelaide and Adelaide Hills homes and businesses are currently experiencing rat infestations, prompted by the recent cold and wet weather. The rat and mice population respond to the environmental conditions and the cooler nights has seen rats move into peoples homes and businesses to keep warm and breed. People should look out for the signs…