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Ants can be an extremely annoying pest. They often seem to appear out of nowhere. By the time most people have noticed them, they have already caused havoc in your food pantry.

It is however easy to find out where their nest is located. Just drop a crumb of food and when an ant picks it up, they will cart it directly back to the nest.

Once you have located the nest then you can take the fight to them. In some instances, the nest may be in an area you cannot access.

These areas will prove difficult to treat and, in these cases, a professional like Jim’s Pest Control will need to be called.

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An ant infestation is easy to spot

An ant infestation is easy to spot. Ants will travel in a straight line. They do this by placing down pheromones that are a signpost to other ants to follow.

There are two ends to the line. One end will be where the colony resides, and the other end will be the food source is.

If you look closely at the ants, you will spot some carrying food. The direction that they are travelling will be towards the nest. Ants travelling in the opposite direction will be going towards the food source and if you follow it, you will find the ant infestation.

Interesting enough, if you place something in their path, they will become confused. They will often congregate around the object. It is not until one ant finds a safe passage around the object will they continue they’re on way.

Why DYI ant treatments do not work

The problems with products that are available to the general public is that they use repellent chemicals. What this means is that the ants can sense the product. As they can sense the danger, they will simply abandon this path and find a new one.

This may take them a few hours to a few days to work out, but you can be assured they will return. Many Adelaide clients have battle with ants for months and sometimes even years with little success.

All our Jim’s Pest Control Adelaide technicians understand how sensitive ants can be. Therefore, our technicians will use non repellent products that ants cannot sense.

Due to this understanding we can control ants within days and in most cases the effects can be seen within hours of treatment.

Protein or sugar, which do they prefer?

Did you know that ants are either sugar or protein eaters?

It is extremely important to understand what ants are feeding on at the time. Some ants will even only eat protein. If you don’t understand what they prefer there it is likely that you will not be able to control your ant infestation.

Our Adelaide based technicians have been trained extensively on how to identify these feeding habits. They have access to the very best products available in the world today, that deliver outstanding results.

We are widely known as the go to experts when it comes to ant infestations.

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