Wondering if you are looking at bee removal, rather than bee extermination? Luckily, you have come to the right place. Jim’s Pest Control are the local bee experts. We prefer to, when possible, remove bees and relocate them, rather resorting to extermination.

Jim’s Pest Control is a group of locally owned, family run pest control businesses in Adelaide and regional South Australia. We are committed to saving and relocating bees when we can.

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It’s one task to capture bees, but it’s another to find a safe home for them. This is why Jim’s Pest Control works with local bee keepers and the Bee Society of South Australia (BSSA) and its members.

Since our pest technicians have adopted this approach, we have been able to save millions of bees. We are one of the only pest control companies in Adelaide to offer this service where possible.

Bee removal and live capture

Live bee removal and capture is a very different technique that is not common a practice among all pest control companies in Adelaide.

In 2012, Lynton, a Jim’s Pest Control technician, felt sick to the stomach at having to terminate another bee swarm. He thought there had to be a way of capturing and transporting these homeless bees to safety.

He set about building mesh bags which could safely capture the bees and make it easier to transport them. The next problem he had was who would take them. It was then he contacted the local bee society, and the rest is bee-utiful history.

You can just imagine the look on the apiarist’s face when a pest controller arrived at their home with a huge bag of bees for them to re-home. After all, pest controllers and bee keepers are meant to be arch enemies.

Bee Removal Adelaide

Can my bees be saved?

Unfortunately, not all bees can be saved as some will be located in tricky areas, and that may prevent capture.

If your bees are hanging on a tree branch, letter box, scrub, or side of a building, they may be quite easily captured. However, once they have moved inside of walls or tree trunks, removal can be very difficult.

Jim’s Pest Control technicians will come out and assess if it is possible to remove them, or if termination is the only option.

To remove bees out of a wall or chimney can be quite expensive. You must make an allowance for part of the wall or chimney to be removed, and this will need to be repaired once the bees have been removed. For this, you will need to organise for a licensed builder for the repair work.

Bee removal cost is the reason a lot of clients choose to terminate the bees. Sometimes, unfortunately, the expense of removal and repair is well beyond their budget.

Bee hives double in numbers in Spring

When Spring arrives every year it is the time when bees expand their horizons. Every hive will have produced a new queen and thousands of new workers. When the weather is just right, these will take to the air in search of a new home.

Did you know that in Adelaide it is estimated to be over 400,000 bee hives in the city? In Spring these hives split in two, and the second hive (swarm) tries to find a new home.

That means in Adelaide the number of hives and swarms swell to 800,000. Unfortunately, most of these swarms will be unsuccessful at finding a new home and will eventually be eaten by birds and other predators.

Bee removal – help and advice

Keep Children away.

Keep Windows and Doors Closed.

Keep sweet and sticky foods stored securely.

Keep Garbage secure and locked.

Bees can…

Cause painful stings and even death.

Their stings produce histamine in humans and can cause anaphylaxis. This can cause swelling in airways, difficulty in breathing and a drop in blood pressure. It is this condition that can prove life threatening.

Swarm which can be very dangerous.

If you discover a bee nest it is very tempting to eradicate yourself. Unless you are quick you can be surrounded by hundreds of very angry bees that will sting you many times over.

Cause alarm

This is particularly the case around children.

Bee Capture
Bee Capture
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