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Possums are nocturnal, thus are most active during our sleeping hours. When possums live in your roof they may damage insulation, chew electrical wiring, or contaminate the area with their urine and faeces. They can also make a horrible racket.

Our possum removal service

Possums are territorial and if caught can only be released within 50 metres of the structure. Unless you address the problem in the structure and fix the entry point the Possums can quickly return.

Jim’s Pest Control are dedicated to providing an eco-friendly possum removal service. Our service includes inspecting your home for entry points, ensuring all possums are removed and repairing your building back to its original condition. Also, being part of the famous Jim’s Group, you know we are a brand you can trust.

What you can do with our possum help and advice

Access: If you can assist to identify entry points to you property. Where possible remove branches or structures that provide access.

Noisy Possums

Possums can…

Damage your roof tiles/tin

Damage facias and eves

Chew electrical wiring

Defecate in you building roof/wall cavities

Nest in your roof

Short Possum FAQs

How much does possum removal cost?

Possum removal costs can vary, but start at $220 for a licensed expert. Often it will be more than one possum that needs removal and trapping may need to occur across several days.

How do I get rid of possums in my yard?

The best way of getting rid of possums in your yard is to remove the reasons for them being there in the first place. Pick ripening fruit often, and also remove any fallen fruit. If there is nothing for the possum to feed on, they are less likely to visit your yard.

What smell do possums hate?

Possums typically will not like the smell of a larger predatory animal. If this scent or smell is introduced into an environment a possum feels safe in, it can drive the possum away.

Does vinegar keep possums away?

Vinegar does not keep possums away, and in fact it can attract them to your yard. The logic behind this is that as rotten fruit breaks down, it will produce a vinegar smell and that signals to the possum that there is ripe fruit in the area.

Can you shoot possums?

No, it is illegal to shoot possums in most Australian jurisdictions. The only exception to this is Tasmania where it is legal to kill a possum by the means of shooting. You will need to engage the services of a licensed pest controller though.

How do I keep possums away from my house?

The best way of keeping possums away from your house is to remove the reason for them being there in the first place. Seal up any entrance points to your roof void. Remove any ripe or spoiled fruit from your back and front yards. Having a large dog in your back yard can help as well.

How far do you have to take a possum to relocate it?

By law you are only able to take a possum 50 meters from where it was captured to release it. A professional will usually hold the possum for 24 hours and often take it to a secure location. It is then released 50 meters from where it was captured once proofing measures have been put in place.

What is a good possum repellent?

A good possum repellent is a strong smell that cannot be found in their safe environment. If it was possible to do, spraying fox scent or large dog scent in your roof void may be enough to upset the possums and cause them to move on.

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