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It is a horrible thought having rats or mice invading your home or business. Just thinking about rats scurrying over your benches is enough to make most people feel sick. They are a very shy pest, and will only emerge under the cover of darkness. If they spot you, they will quickly move away for the fear that you are going to harm them.

One or two rats will generally go unnoticed. It is not until they extend their family will they come under your notice. Typically, this is when you hear noises coming from within your walls or roof. When this occurs, a Jim’s Pest Controller is the best option.


How to get rid of rats in the house fast

Rat extermination is quite simple. However, you must first understand why the pests are in your home in the first place. The common reason is that they are entering your home for food. Simply reducing their access to food can vastly reduce their numbers.

Some suggestions that you may like to try including:

  • Place food in airtight containers
  • Empty rubbish bins every night before going to bed
  • Remove any uneaten pet food

Yes, rats will enter your home for dry pet food.

Rats attempted kidnapping of Chihuahua

In Adelaide there was one case where a client had a much loved pet Chihuahua. Rats were entering the home through the doggy door to access the dog’s food. It got so bad that on one occasion, when there was no food, the rats attempted to drag the dog outside.

Rats had grabbed hold of the dog’s jacket and were proceeding to drag it outside. The owners of the dog where terrified when they saw this happening.

Our local tech was able to lay out some bait in lockable stations that soon had these would-be abductors under control.

Flooding in new homes caused by rats

With the high prices of copper, new homes are now being built with plastic water pipes. In Adelaide this has caused some homeowners major problems.

During long, hot, dry summer periods, water can be a scare resource for rats. However, now that the main water pipes running through walls and roofs are made of plastic, it has given them an ample supply.

As the pipes are cool, rats can sense the water in them. By simply chewing through the plastic they can gain access to this endless water supply. Unfortunately for homeowners, this results in water flooding their homes.

For this reason, it is now more important than ever to keep your rodent baiting up to date. It is strongly recommended by Jim’s Pest Control that rat baits be topped up every 6 months.