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There is nothing worse than arrive home from work to discover ants in the house. You often don’t discover them until you get something out of your food pantry.

While they don’t typically attack us, they are more an inconvenience. They often spoil food and just the thought that they have ventured into you home can be upsetting.

When they find the gold mine which is your pantry, they will be difficult to eradicate. In these situations, Jim’s Pest Control Adelaide should be call to eradicate these pests.

ants in house

Ants in house – it usually starts from a single ant

Ants are brave little creatures. The bravest of them all will often forage by themselves to find a good food source for the colony.

A single ant will often go unnoticed as they are quite small and run around in random patterns.

Once they stumble across some dropped food, they will call for back up. Within hours there can be hundreds even thousands of ants swarming the newly discovered food.

Even if you spray them and clean the spill up, they will know that there will be more food for them to find.

What can you do to stop them?

With any pest invasion there are always simple things that you can do to discourage them. They are surprisingly easy to do; however, you must be regimental in your approach.

Some great things you should try first are:

Clean dishes daily

Remove any food scraps during the day

Wipe bench tops down after every meal

Wash floors regularly

Place dog food in ant resistant food bowls

Put any open food into airtight containers

There are many more things you can do, and your local pest control technician can give you other suggestions.

Protein or sugar, knowing what they are feeding on

Ant can be a very persistent pest in Adelaide. Many people have thrown everything they can think of at them, to only have them return time and again.

Hundreds of dollars can be wasted trying to find a solution to their ant problem. In most cases clients are reluctant to call a pest controller, as how can something so small be so hard to kill.

Eventually they will give up and in desperation call in an expert like Jim’s Pest Control.

When our technicians arrive on site, they will assess the situation. They will determine what species of ant is causing the concerns.

With their vast knowledge, they will quickly design a treatment that will achieve the desired result. Most clients are relieved that our technicians can get the situation under control withing 24 hours.

Sometimes results can be seen even quicker.

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