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A flash of movement across your floor is the first sign that you have a spider in the house. They will have you guessing what you saw, and a frantic search will begin, turning your house upside down. It will frustrate you not being able to locate the eight-legged intruder, and sleep will be hard as you think of it running around unchecked. Searching for a spider exterminator will become a high priority. You would be surprised by the number of online enquiries we get in the middle of the night. If this sounds like you, give Jim’s Pest Control a call – , we are here to help.

A spider exterminator builds barriers to keep them out

Spiders are particularly mobile. Their bodies allow them to squeeze through tight gaps, like under front doors. It is impossible to seal every access point, as one missed gap will enable access. Most Jim’s Pest Control clients will prefer a chemical barrier to be put in place.

This involves our tech spraying pest control products around access points like windows and doors. The product sticks to the surface and sets up a barrier like a moat. If the spider, or any other insect, tries to cross it, they will be killed by the treatment. It of course does not occur instantly, and will take several minutes to take effect.

The barrier works by the spider being pre-warned of the treated surface. This is because we use repellent products that the pests can sense is there. Often, they will turn back, but if they do cross, it will kill them.

Spider exterminator

How often should I have surfaces treated?

These days, chemicals are environmentally friendly. Manufacturers are more aware of the impact that chemicals have on important insects like bees, and the wider environment.

This is a fantastic win for the environment, but a trade off has been how long these products last. Typically, they will last for up to 12 months on treated surfaces. The effectiveness will slowly reduce over this period.

For this reason, outside surfaces should be treated every 6 months. On the inside, where the products are not exposed to the elements, it will last longer. In most cases the inside may only need spraying once a year.

What spider do you have?

Spider species have different habits. It is extremely important to find out what spider you have as it will affect where you treat.

For instance, if you have white tailed spiders it is important to dust the roof as this is where they live. If it is a red back spider, then attention needs to be given to the base of buildings. Black house spiders like hiding in vents and under outside entertainment areas.

The success of any treatment will depend on what spider you have. Please show your Jim’s spider exterminator where your spiders are hiding.