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The most famous funnel web spider is the Sydney variety. They are well known for how sick you can become if bitten. In Adelaide we do have funnel web spiders, however their venom is not as toxic as the Sydney funnel web. These spiders are ground dwelling and rarely venture outside of their burrow.

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How to get rid of funnel web spiders yourself

As funnel web spiders are a ground dwelling spider, they pose no serious threat to humans. However, if this spider is provoked, they will attack.

Kids or adults sticking long sticks down their burrows is not recommended. As with all pests, if they are cornered, they will defend their home.

Fortunately, they are extremely easy to get rid of. Simply applying a spray to the ground is enough to stop them. When they venture outside of their burrow, they will pick up the chemical.

Soon after the active ingredient will affect their central nervous system and, shortly after, they will die. The only disadvantage of this is that you will end up killing many beneficial insects.

Funnel Web Spider

Adelaideans terrorised by mouse spiders

Mouse spiders in Adelaide are the ones that are usually confused with funnel webs. They, like the Sydney funnel web, live in burrows up to 1 metre deep.

Right after a heavy downpour is when Jim’s Pest Control gets bombarded with phone calls. Distressed locals report large black spiders with red fangs chasing them. This is usually a young male spider out on the prowl for a mate. They are scary looking and quite aggressive.

Mouse spiders can grow to the size of your palm. Males have bright red fangs and, during the mating season, will be extremely aggressive.

Often people in Adelaide will report being charged by these spiders, truly a terrifying experience. Parks and open areas in Adelaide are well known for these arachnids. Their entrances are camouflaged and hence difficult to spot. It is only once the breeding season kicks in will begin to notice them.

How do I prevent them from living in my garden?

To prevent these spiders from setting up home in your garden, it is best to keep your pests under control. An annual general pest treatment will keep numbers down. If there is not an ample food source, then they are unlikely to set up home.

Setting up a chemical barrier around your home will help to keep them outside. There are not many things scarier than discovering a mouse spider inside your home.

Your local Jim’s Pest Control technician can put a plan in place to keep your family safe.

How to get rid of funnel web spiders