Our buildings and gardens are ideal for spiders because they provide food and and anchorage for their webs or soil for their tunnels.

Australia has poisonous spiders and they include the Sydney Funnel Web Spider, the Northern Rivers Funnel Web Spider, Redback Spiders, the Mouse Spider, Wolf Spiders, the Black House Spider and the White-tailed Spider.

In Summer and in wet weather, male Funnel Web Spiders can wander indoors in search of a mate. The male is more venomous than the female.

What we do to treat spiders..

Set up a professional treatment to control spiders in a building and advise how you can help reduce future problems.


We inspect your property and identify areas of concern.

Surface Spray

We apply a surface spray that is licensed and formulated for spider control. This would be to walls and paths, gutters and baseboards and soffits.

What you can do with our spider help and advice

Wear gloves when gardening or handling soil

Wear sensible footwear – particularly at night.

Be wary of wandering ground dwelling spiders after excavations or landscaping.

Avoid leaving toys out overnight. A spider may use these as a nest.

Spiders can…

Bite and cause pain and even death. Luckily deaths are rare in Australia although there are many documented cases of people becoming very sick after being bitten by one of our toxic Spiders.

Have unsightly webs and can collect dust and debris.

Cause panic and alarm particularly around children.

Trained Licensed Insured Pest Control

Call now and we’ll work with you to control your Spider Problem – Professionally

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