A question we are often asked at Jim’s is “how to get rid of pigeons“. Jim’s Pest Control has local experts in the Adelaide who can help you with your bird pest problems.

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Pigeons are rapidly becoming a significant pest to Adelaide homes and businesses. They carry a wide range of diseases that can be harmful to humans.

Unlike ground bound pests, these pests can be quite difficult to get rid of. There are not many products available in supermarket or hardware stores to deal with them.

This is why most people will call a professional like Jim’s Pest Control as we know how to help with pigeon pest problems.

How to get rid of pigeons yourself

Most people think that removing the birds themselves will be quite easy. They think that if something like a plastic owl is put up it will scare them away.

However as these are fixed, your feathered pests will soon work out that they are not alive. In fact, Jim’s Pest Control technicians have even seen pigeons sheltering behind the plastic owls, from the wind.

There are even some more expensive models out there that make noise or have glowing red eyes. Again it is not long before the pigeons work out that they are no threat to them.

How to get rid of pigeons
Pesky Pigeons

The most effective bird scarer you can build

One of the most effective bird scarers that you can build is from something simple that you have lying around your home. CD or DVD discs make great bird scarers.

You can simply glue two together with the written side out. Then hang it on fishing line in the sun. What scares the pigeon is when the light hits the discs it causes random flashes of light.

Birds and pigeons do not like light as they think it is a predator and will usually move on. However with any bird scaring device it has its limitations and they may get use to it.

Bird scaring devices will not work in high pressure situations

All Jim’s Pest Control technicians know to truly be successful in ridding yourself of pigeons you must work out why they are there in the first place.

If pigeons are sitting on a window sill, they are likely to be there for shelter or looking at their reflection in the window. This is a typical low pressure situation and a bird scarer could be quite successful.

Pigeons that hang around solar panels or corners of buildings are likely to be nesting there. A high pressure situation like this will require the assistance of a professional.

Successful treatment process in high pressure situations

The first step in a high pressure situation is to remove the offending pigeons. This can be done by either trapping, shooting or as a last resort poisoning. It is necessary to remove the birds first to ensure proofing measures will be successful.

High pressure situations will need the reason for the pigeons being there, removed. This can be done by proofing off nesting sites or removing the food source.

As this proofing is often done at heights you will need the assistance of a professional pest controller like Jim’s. We have all of the necessary equipment, training and licensing to get the job done safely.

Most importantly we carry the necessary insurance to cover working at heights.