Ever get that feeling that you are being watched as you wander around your home? Do you suddenly find some wasps chasing and stinging you? Without a doubt, wasps have moved in, and you are in need of an experienced wasp nest removal expert.

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Wasp nests can seem to just appear overnight, and the first time you find them is usually when you’re being chased or stung by them. They can be quite aggressive towards anything which comes near their nest.

They will defend their nest and the young ones growing there to the death. Unlike bees which can only sting once, wasps can sting several times without dying.

Wasp Nest Removal – How to not get stung

When removing a wasp nest in Adelaide there are a few things that you can do to protect yourself against getting stung. Here are a few pointers for you to consider:

  • Remove the wasp nest at night time when they are less active
  • Cover all exposed skin areas
  • Work quickly
  • Do not attempt if you think you are allergic or are allergic to bee stings
  • Get the nest area treated by a professional to reduce the risk of another wasp nest forming
  • If you are afraid or scared of them, please call a professional at Jim’s Pest Control to help you

Wasps are very protective of their nest, and their natural instinct is to protect the nest and young. Quite often any gap in your protective clothing will be found by a wasp, and it will use this to access your skin.

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Dangerous Wasps

Will wasps come back?

Removing the wasp nest may result in another nest forming elsewhere on the property. This is why sometimes it is better to call in a professional from Jim’s Pest Control to deal with them.

A Jim’s local expert is very experienced in treating wasps and their nests. They have extensive knowledge of how wasps behave in the Adelaide area, and know where to look for the nests.

An expert will also be able to put a treatment plan in place that will stop them forming up new nests.

Will wasps come back?

Wasps will build their nests in different locations depending on the species. Here are some examples of where 3 common wasps found in Adelaide build their nests:

  1. Paper wasps like to build their nests under the eave lines of houses, but have been known to build nests under plant leaves.
  2. Mud wasps tend to build mud nests on the sides of buildings and around windows. Mud wasps aren’t all bad as they catch spiders in the garden, and stuff them into their mud cocoons for the young larvae to feed on.
  3. European wasp usually build their nests in the ground, and the holes are quite often mistaken for rat or mice holes. They will also build nests in hollows, and have even been known to build nests on the side of buildings.
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Cause painful stings and even death. Their stings produce histamine in humans and can cause anaphylaxis. This can cause swelling in airways, difficulty in breathing and a drop in blood pressure. It is this condition that can prove life threatening.

Swarm which can be very dangerous. If you discover a wasp nest it is very tempting to eradicate yourself. Unless you are quick you can be surrounded by hundreds of very angry wasps that will sting you many times over.

Cause alarm particularly around children.

What you can do with our wasp help and advice

Keep Children away.

Keep Windows and Doors Closed

Keep sweet and sticky foods stored securely.

Keep Garbage secure and locked

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