We are often asked if safe pest control is an option. Yes, it is very important, not just to people with pets and young families, but to everyone in general.

This is especially important when it comes to chemicals used for termite control in and around a home.

This is where Jim’s Termite & Pest Control Adelaide can help as we have a number of good chemical options and even chemical-free options available in regards to termite control.

With the advancement of technologies today and development of new safer chemicals, there are now available much better options to control your termite problems.

We have options available today where we no longer have to use chemicals to kill and treat termites in Adelaide but can actually use growth regulators to target, control and eliminate termites. With the development of new safer chemicals, gone are the days we use to use really strong and harmful chemicals that would not only kill the termites but would also kill lots of other things.

It is a good thing that a lot of these chemicals are now banned for use in Australia as they were often doing more harm than good to the environment. These days most of our chemicals that we used are based on synthetic pyrethrums, what this means is that are actually based on plant extracts.

Some plants have their own pyrethrums to stop pests from attacking them and destroying them, this is why some flowers never seem to get attached by pests, yet bees and other insects can land on them a feed from their nectar and collect their pollen without harm.

Scientists have then set about creating these pyrethrums in a lab so that when a pest controller applies these chemicals he can ensure he is applying it at a consistent rate. This also means that the pest controller only needs to use the minimum amount of chemical to get the termites under control. With these developments it has been a great win for the environment and our clients.

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Safe pest control – termite baiting the smarter way of eliminating termites in Adelaide

When it comes to controlling an infestation of white ants, we use the most effective system for your needs . Sure, many treatments kill white ants, but the key to successful white ant management is total colony elimination and an ongoing management plan.

How does termite baiting work?

Throughout a termites life they will actually shed their exoskeleton several times and a growth regulator stops this from happening. This can be a slower process of eliminating termites however it has the distinct advantage of using the termites against themselves.

The local Jim’s Termite & Pest Control technicians in Adelaide no longer have to find the termite colony; they only need to get the termites to feed on the bait. The termites then do the hard work, tracking the bait back to the colony and feeding it to all. Then in a few weeks when the termites start to go through a moult they simply die. This is a great way of dealing with termites, eliminating a colony and is great way to control termites safely.

An interesting fact when talking about chemicals that are used for termite control they have the same active ingredients found in most pet flea and pest medications for pets. Most of the Adelaide Jim’s Termite & Pest Control clients are very surprised to learn this interesting fact and they know that if the chemical are safe for their pets, that the chemicals used for termite control are also safe.

Termite Baiting