So, you want to know how to get rid of spiders? Our Jim’s local experts servicing Adelaide and South Australia are experienced, fully trained, and insured. You can trust the Jim’s name to help you with any pest problem.

Have you ever had that feeling that someone is watching you? A quick glance around will usually discover a spider on your ceiling staring right back at you.

For some people, this realisation can be terrifying. In fact, a large part of the South Australian population has a fear of spiders. And, no matter how small the spiders are, the fear can be paralysing.For these people help is quickly at hand by calling Jim’s Pest Control. Our treatments are well known to keep spiders out of your home for months.

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How to get rid of spiders without using chemicals

It is possible to get rid of spiders without using chemicals. However, it will require quite a bit of effort on your part. The thing with spiders is that they are only present for two basic reasons, which are:

  • Food
  • Shelter

If you remove the reasons for them being there, they are likely to move on.

You can reduce their food supply by doing two things. Firstly, brush away their webs every day. If a spider must build a new web each day it will reduce the amount of food they catch.

Secondly, remove areas that will help breeding insects. For example, tipping water out of containers will stop mosquitoes from breeding. Making sure outside rubbish bins have good seals will reduce insects that are attracted to them. Just have a general look around your home. These are some simple things you can do to reduce spider numbers.


Keep spiders out all year round

In some cases in Adelaide it will be impossible to keep spiders under control. Most new subdivisions are being built with wetland areas as part of the development.

These are a great area for you to relax, but they increase the numbers of insects in the area, which in turn creates a feast for spiders.

In these new Adelaide suburbs it is best to engage the professional services of Jim’s Pest Control. We can put treatments in place that will last a good part of the year.

If a spider decides to cross one of these barriers, it will soon be affected. One of our most popular treatments is an inside and out general pest treatment. This can keep the spiders outside for up to 12 months.

Spiders play an important part in the environment

Spiders are nature’s first pest controllers. Setting their webs every night helps capture insects and bugs, which plays an important role in the environment.

In times of heavy rain, resulting in pools of stagnant water, bug numbers can explode. But, during dry periods, only a handful would survive.

Now that there is an abundant, permanent water supply, their numbers increase. So, during dry periods of little rain, there will always be a water source around that insects can breed in. This has resulted in Jim’s Pest Control treating spiders all year round.

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