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Flying ants in Adelaide can be very terrifying. They tend to form plumes of black clouds. Their random flying patterns make them unpredictable and it hazardous for runners and bike riders.

It is not that they are going to hurt you, more over that fact that it is an unpleasant experience if you inhale or swallow one. As with all ants they have a distinct unpleasant taste.

Typically, you will spot these plumes of ants flying near the tops of trees. They often use these trees as a wind break to conserve energy.

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When do flying ants fly?

Commonly you will see these ants start to fly from mid spring. They will then fly throughout the year when the conditions are just right. The peak season is in summertime.

They fly as it is part of their life cycle. Only the future kings and queens will take flight, in a mad dash to mate and secure the next generation of ants.

During these sessions’ predators like birds and even other ants will feast on these swarms. They will try to protect themselves from falling victim to predators by rapidly changing course. However, most will be gobbled up.

Should I be worried if I see them?

You should be not to concerned if you see them or run through a cloud of ants. They will be more annoying when you accidentally breath one in.

It can be an unpleasant experience more than anything else.

If you were out riding on a motor bike and rode through some, it may cause issues with visibility.

Do the ants fly inside?

These flying ants do not normally fly inside. Unless you leave the door open with the light on you are not likely to see them.

Adelaide clients do however report flying ants inside every year. We normally have several calls a day when the conditions are just right in November.

Unfortunately for most clients they are shocked to learn that what they think are flying ants are in fact termites.

Yes, termites do fly during the breeding season. They will typically fly after a hot humid day after it has rained in Adelaide.

When these conditions are present, they will fly in their billions and often invade homes.

Reports of them flying inside is a clear indication that there is a termite colony hiding in the floor, walls or roof.

In these cases, a licensed pest controller must be called like Jim’s Pest Control Adelaide to investigate.

What will stop ants from invading my home?

To preventing flying ants from entering your home, it is recommended that you have a general pest treatment every year. If this is done in spring it will discourage these ants from entering.

Another great way to reduce the risk, is to ensure that any ant colonies in your yard are eliminated. This way there will be no ants to cause you any issues.

If you would like more information on what can be done, then your local technician will be happy to discuss.