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Just the mentioning white tail spiders will panic most people. The thought that they are roaming around in your home unchecked is a truly scary thought. White tails, unlike other spiders, do not build webs. They are a very secretive spider and an ambush predator. Speed is what they use to catch their prey, and often you will only get a fleeting glimpse of one in your home.

There is lots of bad publicity around these spiders and the nasty effects resulting from a bite. Just a quick web search will reveal lots of festering wounds caused by these pests.

In fact, they are the most feared spider in Adelaide. Most locals who are concerned about them have their homes regularly treated. It is exceedingly rare for a person who has had their home treated by us, discover any live spiders.

How to get rid of white tail spiders in your home

If you plan to tackle white tail spiders yourself, you need to look up. In our experience these spiders frequent roof voids. This dusty, well protected area is the perfect environment for them to thrive in. Insects which are attracted inside due to escaping light, provide readymade meals.

They only usually end up in your home when they lose their footings around light fittings. Exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens are another place they can access your home. If you are trying to control white tail spiders in your home, you absolutely must treat the roof void.


Where are they most common in my home?

In the outside environment, these spiders like to hide under bark. Loose bark will provide them with protection from the elements and birds. But, after dark, they will emerge and go on the hunt.

Inside your home or office, they will look for similar locations. Tight gaps under your lounges and curtains is where you will often find them. Clothes or stored goods on the floor will also provide them with ideal cover. You will only spot them at night once they emerge from these hidey holes.

Transporting them in with your washing

A really terrifying thought is that you can transport them inside with your washing. Placing a clothes basket outside can provide the ideal mode of transport.

They have even been known to crawl into clothes left hanging on a line overnight. So, with this new information, please be careful and thoroughly check your clothes and baskets for these unwanted pests.

From a DIY pest control perspective, most Adelaideans will have trouble keeping them outside. Because of this, many people now use Jim’s Pest Control to keep these dangerous spiders controlled.

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