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Removing a possum may sound like a simple job, but often it turns out is not. For starters, you will need to comply with the relevant state government regulations. In Adelaide, you are require having a permit to capture possums as they are a protected species. To remove possums successfully there is a process that must be followed. Proofing of entrance holes can be done yourself, hence saving you money. However, the capturing of the animal will require help from a local Jim’s possum expert All our Adelaide techs are fully permitted and specially trained in possum removal.

Possum removal cost is separated into two parts

Successful possum control can be broken down into two parts. Firstly, you will have to capture and hold the possum safely whilst the second part is being completed. Capturing an animal like this can be quite tricky. The size of the cage and what food is used can dictate the success of trapping. For instance, the trap must be large enough to take a mother with a baby riding on her back.

Many people trying to catch possums do not allow for this. When the trap is triggered, the baby on the mums back can stop the door from closing. When this occurs, the animal will of course wise up to the trap. This is when a Jim’s Pest Control expert will need to be called, as she will be now be a lot more difficult to catch. Secondly, you will need to seal up all the entrance points.

Proofing possum entrance points

Sealing up entrance points around your sounds simple enough. Many think that the entrance point will be obvious and easy to find, but this is often not the case. For example, one Jim’s Pest Control client reported that they could not find where possums were entering their home. They even hired a cherry picker out and checked all over the roof, but to no avail.

When the local Jim’s Pest Control tech arrived on site, they first asked some questions, then inspected the roof. Shortly after they worked out exactly what the possum was doing. In this case there was no obvious hole, and the cheeky possum had worked out how to lift tiles to go in and out of the roof.

Essentially, the possum had created its own door in and out of the client’s roof. How clever is that?

This was confirmed when the tech asked if they were hearing a banging noise during the night. The client said yes. It was confirmed by the tech as well when he noticed possum fur and smearing around some tiles. In this case if it were not for the expert knowledge and experience from the tech, the client would still have possums.

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