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Cockroaches are one of those annoying pests that everyone seems to have. It does not matter where you travel, you are bound to see them. Even when you kill one, more seem to appear out of nowhere.

Our clients will even question themselves as to whether they killed them or not. It is even said they are able to survive the fallout from a nuclear bomb. That alone would have you thinking that it makes it almost impossible for a DYI treatment to work. This is likely why so many South Australians would rather call Jim’s to kill their cockroaches.

Cockroach exterminator

Where do they hide? A cockroach exterminator knows.

There is almost something magical about how cockroaches appear. Many Adelaide residents are even unaware they have some unwanted guests roaming around their kitchens. It is only when they get up in the middle of the night to get a cup of water that they discover these critters scurrying around.

If you watch them carefully, and see where they scurry off to, you will probably locate their hiding spaces. If not, a local Jim’s cockroach exterminator will certainly know where they were heading.

Places like the back of your fridge and under the kitchen sink are one of the first places they will check. They will, however hide in other areas, like cupboards and microwaves. A true pest control expert will discover all their hiding places.

32 young per egg

No, that is NOT a typo! Cockroaches lay an egg say every 14 days. Each egg can contain up to 32 young. Within weeks these young will be able to reproduce themselves.

So, if you do the calculations, one pair of cockroaches can turn into thousands within 6 months. Knowing this, you really should deal with any cockroaches you spot quickly.

Drains and grease traps

The biggest cockroach we have in Adelaide is the American. This roach likes to live in restaurant grease traps and stormwater drains.

They like a nice damp dark environment in which to raise their family. When one is found, the source must also be located. Your local Jim’s Pest Control technician is very experienced at locating their hidings spots.

My home is clean, but why do I still have cockroaches?

We hear often from clients that they have a clean home, and cannot understand why they have cockroaches. Cockroaches can live in even the cleanest of homes. They typically live around fridge and freezer motors, scurrying out every night in the search of food. Overflowing rubbish bins or dirty dishes provide them with ample food.

Left untreated they can breed up quickly. It is common for the local Jim’s Pest Control technician to be called when their numbers have grown to immense proportions.