Mosquito control is a rapidly growing part of our service offering in Adelaide, and right across South Australia.

Mosquitoes are fast becoming a major issue, and, with our changing environments, they are breeding up in vast numbers. These days, you can’t even go out to the local park lands without being attacked by these blood sucking pests.

These pests are known to cause lots of health issues, and are able to transfer some nasty diseases. It will get even worst in the future with our changing weather conditions in South Australia.

Jim’s Pest Control has a vast knowledge of how these annoying insects behave. We are the local experts who can help you with your mosquito problems. Just call us on 131 546 to get in touch with your local, friendly mosquito expert.

How do mosquitoes spread diseases?

Mosquitoes spread diseases by biting a host and sucking up some of the blood. This is typically done by the female of the species as they need this food source for their reproductive process.

When sucking up the blood, they will suck up any of the diseases that the host maybe carrying. When they move onto the next host for the next feed, they can then transfer this disease to the new host.

However, the risk is very low. Even so, you would not want to be the person who is infected.

Mosquito Control

Mosquito control tips

There are a number of things you can do at home to reduce the risks. These are simply things that will help reduce the numbers around your home. They are:

Empty out any containers of stagnant water

Introduce mosquito-eating fish to your fish ponds

Avoid being outside at sunset or sunrise because this is when they are most active

Consider adding a mosquito growth regulator to any ponds which only targets mosquito larvae

Call Jim’s Pest Control to get some chemical barriers put in place in and around your property

Have the underside of leaves, walls, and eaves sprayed by an expert to repel mosquitoes from the area

Waterways are now being treated by Councils

Local Adelaide Councils are now becoming more concerned about the threat mosquitoes pose to our community.

They now engage pest control experts like Jim’s to go out and treat waterways and ponds in the community. This is something that only a pest expert can do, as we need to access special growth regulators which are designed just only target mosquitoes.

These growth regulators work by targeting the mosquito larvae and the development life cycle. They are fantastic, targeted products because they only affect mosquitoes, and do not harm any other aquatic life like fish and birds.

Annoying Mosquito