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Spider mites do not typically cause many issues inside your home. They are a pest that feeds on the sap of plants, and, if there is only one or two on a plant, you are not likely to see them.

To the horticulture industry they are a massive concern. Left unchecked they have been known to wipe out entire tomato and cucumber crops. Even the flower industry can be affected by these destructive pests. But, while they do not pose a threat to humans, just the thought of ANY spiders in your home can be upsetting.

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How to get rid of spider mites yourself

Spider mites can easily be dealt with yourself. There are several products available from supermarkets and hardware shops which can help you effect your own spider mite control.

Most store-bought products are what we call systemic sprays. This means the chemical works by the plant absorbing it. The insect then comes along, bites the plant, and ingests some of the chemical.

The chemical will then kill the target insect. It is an effective way of dealing with them as other insects (like bees) that land on the plant will be unaffected.

Another easy option is to simply remove and dispose of the infected plant. Caution must be taken when doing this as any other plant that is touched by it may have some transferred across.

How to get rid of spider mites

Incorrect identification

When a homeowner is being invaded by small dust-like creatures, there are several different insects it could be. Bird mites, book lice, and spider mites are all around the same size. Only under a microscope will you be able to clearly see the difference.

Your local Jim’s Pest Control technician is skilled at correctly identifying these pests. Once identified, they will give you the treatment options available. In the case of spider mites, simply removing the plant may be enough.

With bird mites or book lice, a professional treatment will be required to get them under control.

How are they likely to enter your home?

You will generally transport spider mites in on freshly cut flowers. Typically, most home-grown flowers will have these as they are not heavily sprayed with pesticides.

It is unlikely for them to be transported in on commercially grown flowers. The reason for this is that flower growers understand how devastating these pests are. Regular use of pesticides will keep them well under control.

They know that if red spider mites infest their crops, it can well and truly wipe out their future income.