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Rats are an extremely shy creature. So much so, that if you spot one, it will quickly run away. If a new object is introduced into their environment, they will avoid it at all costs. If you want to freak a rat out, simply introduce something new. Moving objects around regularly will upset them as well. However, they will eventually get use to your torment. A rat will take up to 21 days to work out the new object poses no threat.

Armed with this new knowledge, you now know why snap traps and rat stations do not work instantly. Residents and business owners alike often ringing a Jim’s rat exterminator to have their rats dealt with. The comment most heard from callers is “I have tried snap traps, but with little success. They just will not go near them.”

Rat exterminator baits that work

Rat exterminators have access to baits that are not available to the public. These baits have been developed for use by professionals only. Manufacturers understand that the overuse of baits in Europe has led to bait-resistant rats. Because of this observation, they do not want to see the problem repeated in Australia.

This is particularly important in Adelaide’s food industries. Jim’s Pest Control needs access to rodent baits that work in these situations every time, not just some of the time. For this reason, the most effective baits are only available to professionals. But that’s great for our clients as they can be confident in the knowledge that only proven rat killing baits are being used. Jim’s are now the go-to rat extermination experts that Adelaide locals trust.


Overuse of rodent baits – signs of things to come

Europe has major problems when it comes to rats. As rodent baits were freely available, they have been overused. This has led to their rats becoming resistant to rodenticides.

It is now a common sight to see rodents running through the streets of European cities and towns. Authorities are extremely concerned with this and are now limiting what baits can be accessed by the public. If we are not careful in our own use in Australia, we may soon head in the same direction.

Trailing and testing of new products

With the thought that rats can become resistant to baits, Jim’s Pest Control is constantly trailing new products. Manufacturers are always coming up with new formulations and more effective products.

We extensively trial these products to work out their effectiveness. As we all now, most manufacturers claims often do not live up to the hype. Our testing is done right across Australia in a wide range of situations and environments. Therefore, we deliver outstanding results for our clients when dealing with rat extermination jobs.