Our pest control equipment plays a key role in detecting termites in your Adelaide home.

All of our local Jim’s Termite & Pest Control technicians are provided with the latest equipment to find termites in Adelaide.

Equipment used to find termites in Adelaide has not changed much over the years as it still boils down to good investigation skills of the Jim’s Termite & Pest Control technician. All of our technicians are very experienced in finding and treating termites in Adelaide as they are looking for and finding them daily in client’s homes.

It is really important to understand the termite species and that behaviour of the species as this will often determine where the technician needs to look at what equipment they use to find termites.

Typically a good torch, moisture meter, picker and an iPad is typically what is used on all termite inspections and investigations. If there is some high moisture readings detected by the moisture meter but termites are not visible then the technician may decided to use a Termatrac to detect any termite movements in the walls.

How is our pest control equipment used to find termites?

Torches are use to run over all of the walls and put light into the darkest of places, this will enable the Adelaide Jim’s Termite & Pest Control technician to check for mudding or marks on the walls that may be the first signs of termites hiding in the walls.

The second piece of equipment used is a moisture meter and as the name suggest it detects moisture inside of the walls by taking readings penetrating 3cm inside the wall without doing any damage to the walls. This is important for two reasons as if high moisture levels are detected then it will indicate that there is either a water leak inside the walls that will attract termites or it is actually termites hiding in the walls.

This is a fantastic piece of equipment to find termites with as quite often a termite colony will have set up home inside your Adelaide home but you cannot see any visible signs that they are there.

If the technician suspects some termite damage or termites hiding in you wall then the picker will come in handy. They will ask you if they can put a small hole into the high moisture level area to see if there are any live termites there. If there are live termites, then soldier termites should come to the hole and start to defend it, followed shortly after by worker termites that will then start to fill up the hole will mud.

Even if termites are not visible straight away the technician may complete the rest of the inspection and come back to this point to check later. It is also good for our clients to also monitor these holes and as soon as they mud up then they need to call the Adelaide Termite control technician immediately.

Using an iPad or iPhone to find termites in Adelaide

With the ever increasing technology there have been some new pieces of equipment on the market to help find termites in Adelaide.

Technicians use an iPad or iPhone for the gathering of information and photos to help fill out reports for our Jim’s Termite & Pest Control clients, this has allowed for very speedy reports.

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Using Radar technology to find termites in Adelaide

Another piece of equipment used to find termites in Adelaide that has come available in the past few years is a Termatrac. This new piece of equipment has a moisture meter built into it as well as a thermal detection device.

It has a most interesting third function being radar which will actually penetrate the wall and detect a single termite walking up the inside of a wall.

Termites tend to waddle when they walk which is different to ants and other insects. What this radar does is gives the technician a graph of movements in the wall, from these graphs your technician will be able to see the tell tails signs of termites.

This piece of equipment also will help to locate the best position on where to place a termite bait station.

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