Our pest control services in Adelaide & suburbs are second to none.

We have a network of vastly experienced and qualified pest controllers right throughout South Australia including, in particular Adelaide.

Our technicians can work with you to remove, control, or eradicate an array of Adelaide pests including:

Our local pest expert will set up a professional program to control pests in your building, as well as the surrounding environment. The exterminator will also advise how about you can help reduce future problems.

Your local Jim’s Pest Control franchisee is security screened, fully trained, licensed and carries comprehensive Insurance ensuring your peace of mind.

We offer a pest inspection service which is either an annual termite inspection of your property, or a pre-purchase inspection of your property which covers termites and other timber pests including borer beetle and wood decay.

We also offer a range of options for termite protection when you are building or adding an extension. You can also talk to us about protecting your existing property from termite damage or treating an existing termite colony.

Our pest control services professionalism

Apart from working in your home, we also offer commercial pest removal services to a wide range of businesses including Bars and Restaurants, Take Aways, Warehouses and Offices, Pre-Schools, Shopping Malls and Factories to name but a few.

We design a program around your pest control issues and ensure the problems associated with pests are eliminated. These include the spread of disease and sickness, contamination of stock, supplies and food, the damage to your building and the real chance of a loss of goodwill on your business.

Pest Control Services

Pests can…

Inflict Bites & Stings

Destroy Timber

Spread Disease

Damage Food

Infest Bedding, Carpets, Clothes

Make unsightly mess

+ more