White Ant treatment Adelaide. It’s one service around the home you absolutely have to get right, and at Jim’s, we do!

After having taken advantage of one of our on-site white ant inspections and assessments by one of our experienced Technical Advisors you will be provided with a range of White Ant Treatment and White Ant Management options to suit you.

Jim’s White Ant treatment options include:

Traditional liquid termite treatment in soil – ask about our $1,000,000 Termite Treatment Warranty

Market leading termite reticulation systems – ask about our $1,000,000 Termite Treatment Warranty

Successful termite baiting systems – ask about our $100,000 Timber Replacement Warranty.

When it comes to controlling an infestation of white ants, we use the most effective system for your needs . Sure, many treatments kill white ants, but the key to successful white ant management is total colony elimination and an ongoing management plan.

White ant treatment

Termites can…

Cause extensive damage to timber frames
Damage is often not covered by insurance
Result in costly repairs
Termite Treatment Adelaide