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It is never good when you discover wasps for the first time. Most people will never see them coming and, unlike bees who only sting once, they will sting several times. When walking around the outside of your home, you rarely look up. In most cases if you did, you would notice these pests before getting stung.

They like to build their nests up high under eave lines. In some cases, they will build them under large leaved plants. This is done to make it more difficult for birds and other predators to catch them. It’s just unfortunate for us that our buildings provide the ideal shelter for wasps. The most common wasp we come across in Adelaide is the Paper Wasp. This nasty wasp often results in distressed locals calling Jim’s Pest Control to ask about getting them exterminated.

Get rid of a wasp nest – DIY ends in disaster

Something so small should be easy to get rid of. Or at least, that is what most people think. However, these wasps have exceptional vision. They will notice even the very slightest movement in a yard.

DIY wasp removal often ends in disaster – or tears. As soon as you move towards their nest they will attack. It is as though they pick up on your demeanour and know you are out to kill them. If you hesitate at all you will end up being stung not just once, but several times. Usually, after someone has been stung is when Jim’s Pest Control is called.


Under cover or darkness is best time to attack wasps

It sounds more like a military operation, but the best time to attack wasps is at night. The cover of darkness reduces their vision and makes if safer for you to treat them. As for temperature, the cooler the weather, the better. It will tend to slow down their reaction time and allow you to escape safely after the treatment.

As a side note, the use of a torch is not recommended. The reasoning behind this is that they are attracted to light. Once they feel they are under attack, they will fly towards you. Many injuries have been reported as the result of someone dropping their torch, and running into other objects.

How does a wasp exterminator tackle them?

A good pest exterminator will have ample PPE to protect themselves from being stung. They will treat and eliminate wasps in the daylight hours. Having a normal bee suit on will stop most of the wasp stings getting through. These suits are not impenetrable however, and some stings have been known to get through the barrier.

The products we use have a fast knockdown effect. When the treatment is applied, you will see the wasps drop to the ground from their nest quite quickly. This fast, effective wasp treatment is why most Adelaide residents would rather have Jim’s treat their wasps, rather than a DIY approach.

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