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Have you ever spotted a big, hairy spider in the middle of the night? Huntsman spiders are likely to be the (mostly) unwanted visitor in your Adelaide home. They are a huge spider, and some have even known to be as large as your hand. That is a scary thought for most people and the reason why they are feared by many. You’ll be please to know, however, that this spider is harmless to humans. The only way they can affect you is when you nearly die of fright when they are seen peering down at you.

How to get rid of Huntsman spiders yourself

It is simple to remove a Huntsman spider from your home or business. All you need is a glass or plastic container and a piece of paper. Simply place the container over the spider quickly. Once they are contained, then slip the piece of paper under them, then flip the container over.

They will be unable to climb the glass or plastic walls of the container. You can then take the spider outside and release it on a large tree with loose bark. The Huntman’s natural habitat is to hide under the bark of a tree. At night they will emerge to capture insects and bugs.

Harmless Huntsman Spider

How do they enter your home?

These spiders are the masters of entering homes. They can squeeze through some very tight spaces. Typically, they will enter you home through the front or rear doors. Slipping under the gaps at the bottom of doors is their speciality.

To stop them entering this way, you just need to fit a pest strip that you can buy at your local hardware store. They will enter homes through the roof void as well. Slipping through light or fan fittings is usually how they gain access. This is harder to stop and will require the expert advice and treatment from a Jim’s Pest Control tech.


Kids are terrified by spiders

The worst feeling a parent can ever have is being awoken by a screaming child. It’s a terrifying experience when a Huntsman runs across a child’s face in the middle of the night. At Jim’s, we get regular phone calls from distressed parents when this happens. Often it is in the summer months when these spiders are the most active.

Our techs can prevent this from happening by setting up a chemical barrier. Essentially, it works in the same way that a moat does. That is, if the spider chooses to cross the barrier, it will be killed by the treatment.This will not occur instantly however, as these spiders are extremely hairy.

Because the barrier is environmentally friendly, it does not last as long as some harsh chemicals other companies use. For this reason, it may be necessary to apply it twice and year. Your local Jim’s tech can discuss what would be the best program for you.