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Ants can seem almost impossible to kill. It is almost as though if you kill one, it can resurrect itself a few minutes later.

If you do manage to kill it, soon it will be surrounded by its mates. Killing them only results in more ants arrive on scene to investigate.

For these reasons they can be the most frustrating pest we come across in Adelaide.

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How to kill ants – DYI methods

Many people have tried lots of different methods to kill ants. Our local Jim’s Pest Control Adelaide technicians have seen them all.

Some of the crudest ones are just hitting them with a very hard object. While this may kill one it will not stop others from coming and exploring.

One client has even tried coating their yards with baby powder. They had been told that ants don’t like this and will simply leave. The truth of the matter is that is does not bother them and they will soon navigate a way through.

Tipping boiling water down a hole is another DYI method. People that do this are hoping that the boiling water will kill them instantly. However, as the water hits the ground it cools quickly. Only the ants that it is poured onto directly, will it affect.

A better way would be to use steam down their holes. This again will have a limited effect as it cools quickly.

I’m sure your friends and relatives will have some other DYI suggestions.

Most DYI treatments will have limited effects and eventually a professional pest controller like Jim’s will need to be called.

How to kill ants

Understanding ants

As crazy as it sounds the first thing you must do is understand the ants that you have. Ants can be divided into two main types. That being protein eaters or sugar eaters.

By this we meant ants will either prefer to eat sugar or protein. To make it even more confusing sometimes a sugar ant will seek out proteins at certain times of the year.

An expert technician will be able to tell the different between the two.

Why do some baits work and not others?

A question a lot of clients ask us, is why do some ant baits work and some do not. The answer is that it will depend on what food source the bait is made of.

For example: there is not point feeding a sugar-based bait, to a protein eater, they will simply walk past it.

Ants will like a bait that has a slight moisture content to it. Most ant baits available on the market are dry and not very palatable.

All our technicians have been extensively trained in what bait should be used in which situations. For this reason, our technicians get outstanding results for our clients.

In most cases colonies can be under control within 24 hours and sometimes even sooner.

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