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German cockroaches are extremely difficult to get rid of. It appears if you kill one, two will take their place. At times it will seem like there is an endless supply of reinforcements. These pests are quite secretive and only emerge at night. Many Adelaide residents only realise they have them when it is too late. If you go for a walk on a warm summer night, this will expose the extent of their numbers.

Stormwater drains are the perfect environment for them to breed in. The overflow from these drains is often how they find their way into South Australian homes. This is typically when Jim’s Pest Control is called to deal with these disgusting pests.

German cockroach pest control – what you can do?

With any pests there are reasons why they have moved into your home. It is likely that their previous home has become overrun. This places pressure on food and water sources.

If there is not enough to go around, they will soon venture out to find a new frontier. Hiding in cardboard boxes is typically how they are transported. Local markets are rife with cockroaches, and most purchases are packed in boxes.

When you arrive home, you will sit the box on your kitchen bench. At this point your cockroach stowaways will disembark. Before long they will start breeding and in a few short months their numbers will be in the thousands.

The best way you can prevent this from happening is to quickly unpack your groceries. Once done, immediately dispose of the cardboard box in a recycling bin or rubbish bin.

How quickly do they breed?

Cockroaches are like termites in the fact that they can breed incredibly fast. In fact, a German cockroach can reach sexual maturity within a couple of weeks.

Female roaches can lay an egg sack every 14 days. The egg sack will hatch soon after, releasing up to 32 young into the environment.

The eggs are laid in a harbourage area. So, when they hatch, they will be sheltered and in a hard to find place.

Your local Jim’s Pest Control technician will be able to locate these areas. They will also let you know what you can do to proof these spots up.

One roach will turn into many

One single German cockroach is how it always starts. If it is a female carrying an egg sack, it will quickly develop into a major problem.

Typically, once you spot one wandering around in the daylight, you have a significant problem. The reason being is that they do not like to venture out in daylight.

Spotting one in the day indicates that all harbourages are full. This should be the prompt you need to call Jim’s Pest Control to get them back under control.

My home is clean, but why do I still have cockroaches?

We hear often from clients that they have a clean home, and cannot understand why they have cockroaches.

Cockroaches can live in even the cleanest of homes. They typically live around fridge and freezer motors, scurrying out every night in the search of food. Overflowing rubbish bins or dirty dishes provide them with ample food.

Left untreated they can breed up quickly. It is common for the local Jim’s Pest Control technician to be called when their numbers have grown to immense proportions.