Jim’s is your local mice exterminator expert. Our techs servicing Adelaide and South Australia are experienced, fully trained, and insured. You can trust the Jim’s name to help you with any mouse problem.

Since 2010, Jim’s Pest control has been the go-to extermination experts for rodents. Many of our technicians have been in the industry even longer, with a wealth of experience. In this time there has been some massive leaps forward with regards to mice control. There has been a strong focus on development of safe products that can be used around homes.

More palatable baits are being used which mice simply cannot resist. Just as we have different taste buds, so do rodents. Some will prefer a fruity bait, while others like a fatty product. Jim’s Pest Control is one of the few pest control companies that has access to them all.

To exterminate your mice now, simply call 131 546  and our friendly staff will take your details.

Jim’s mice exterminator experts use only palatable baits

There is no use putting out a bait that does not smell nice. Mice have a keen sense of smell and use this to locate a desirable food source. Most of the store-bought products have no real aroma about them. Whereas, the baits that are only available to professionals smell genuinely nice to mice.

This is the reason why Jim’s Pest Control often delivers the desired results within mere days. This is often due to the fact we only the freshest, most palatable baits. In fact, our baits are so irresistible, we have even seen mice walk over store-bought baits to get at ours.


How do mice enter buildings?

There are hundreds of ways in which a mouse can enter your home or business. If you want to work out where these places are, simply pick up a pencil and piece of paper.

Now walk around the building and try to put the pencil in any small gaps or holes. If the pencil goes in, a mouse can squeeze through the gap. Write down every location you come across. Just be aware that you are likely to need several bits of paper.

At the end of this exercise you will have an extremely long list. So, to answer the question, “how do mice enter buildings?, well, they can access your building from just about anywhere. It is almost impossible to stop them entering.

The best plan of attack

The best plan of attack is to arrange for a local Jim’s exterminator to come in and deal with the problem. They will provide a desirable food source in the form the latest rodent baits.

Just think of it as putting out the welcome mat for any stray mice. When they arrive, they will feast on the food that has been provided. Once full, they will venture back outside to where they came from. Unfortunately for them, soon after they will become sick and die.

This results in them never returning to your home because… well… they are dead. It is important to note that bait placement is crucial to safety. Your local Jim’s Pest Control tech is very conscious of this, so baits will be placed in lockable boxes or in the roof void where access is difficult. Some clients do report more noise for the first few days, but this is normal. Usually by the 5th or 6th day this noise stops.