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If you have wasps around your Adelaide home, you will often only find them once you have been stung. They seem to appear out of nowhere, and sting for no reason. Unlike bees who will die after stinging, wasps can sting multiple times and still live on to do it again. This makes them a terrifying creature to have around your home.

That said, they should be admired in one aspect. They are very protective of their young, making them ideal parents. Their nests look like honeycomb structures hanging upside down, but the structure does not store honey, but developing wasp larvae. Larvae are a favourite food source of birds, which will devour them if the opportunity presents. Wasps will be very defensive against anyone who walks too close to them.

A wasp exterminator is the safest option

Wasps have incredible vision. They tend to notice the smallest movements in your yard. As soon as you open a door, you are likely to have already been brought under their notice.

This can make treating them yourself very tricky. As soon as you move towards the nest, you are likely to be attacked. These attacks have even even resulted in homeowners having to go to hospital for treatment.

For this reason, most Adelaideans would rather get Jim’s Pest Control expert in, than tackle the problem themselves. After all, isn’t it better to watch someone else get attacked, than get injured yourself?


Wasps are great at spider control

Wasps are the original pest controllers. Their diets mainly consist of spiders, as well as other insects.

Mud wasps are exceptionally good at capturing spiders. They will build a mud cocoon on your walls or under your eave lines. Whilst flying around your yard, they will be on the lookout for spiders.

If they spot one, they will swoop down and capture it, injecting the spider with venom. This will paralyse it, and they will then carry it back to the cocoon and stuff it inside. Just before they seal it up, they will lay an egg on the cocoon, which will soon hatch and devour the immobilised spider inside.

Eventually this wasp will emerge and start the whole process over again. So, in one way, they are great to have around the home if you do not like spiders.

Tackle Paper Wasps at night

Wasps have reduced vision at night, and, if it is cold, it will reduce their reaction time. For this reason, if you decide to treat your wasp problem yourself, tackle the job after dark.

A quick spray to their nest is usually enough to eliminate them. However, please use caution because if you are using a torch they will be attracted to the light. Many DIY treatments have ended in disaster from wasps flying directly at the person treating them. If this sounds too difficult or unsafe, simply call Jim’s Pest Control and your local tech can come out and deal with them.

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