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Mice can be quite horrifying for most people. Often when you are sitting there watching TV you will spot something small moving around your kitchen.

They are very quick and make you second guess what you have seen. More often than not you will soon spot the evidence that you have a mouse problem, in the form of droppings and urine.

This can be very concerning as they can carry a range of diseases. Even the thought that they have crawled all over your kitchen benches or dishes is enough to make most people feel sick.

Our Jim’s Pest Control technicians in Adelaide fully understand how distressing this can be.

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Jim’s Pest Control = fast mice control

Most people think that fast pest control involves a snap trap. Often mice can be wise of these traps and quickly work out how to get the bait off the trap without setting it off.

Even if you do manage to trap and kill one, the other mice will soon learn that the trap means danger.

Our Jim’s Pest Control Technicians can often deliver faster rodent control by simply using their investigative skill set.

They have been trained to look for easy entrance points for these mice. These areas can simply be proofed up and almost immediately stop the mice from entering the home or business.

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Combined proofing and baiting delivers outstanding results

Proofing entrance points is a quick way of stopping them from accessing a building. However the mice are still alive and will soon find another way in.

This is why our technicians will offer and integrated approach. They will firstly proof up any holes, if possible and you can even help to do it.

A desirable food source will then be provided to the mice in a safe place for them. This is typically the roof void. Some lockable bait stations maybe required to be place inside or outside the building.

With their access to their normal food source cut off they will readily feed on the new food provided.

This integrated approach to mice control allows our Jim’s Pest Control technicians to very quickly get mice under control.

High grasses and weeds encourage mice

One of the main recommendations that our technicians give, is to get grasses cut short and weeds under control.

The reason for this is that mice will feed on the seed pods. They will use the high weeds and grasses as protection against predators like hawks and owls. Simply cutting the grass can move the mice on.

A disadvantage of cutting the grass is that it may cause the mice to move into your garage or roof. When this occurs you are likely to need the help of a professional to get them under control.

Mice can…

Spread disease to humans via their droppings or urine.

Spread sickness and death via parasites such as fleas and intestinal worms.

Cause extensive physical damage to doors, skirting boards, books, food containers and upholstery.

Spoil and Contaminate food with their droppings, urine or fur.

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