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Mat – Sheidow Park Pest Control 5158

1) Why did you decide to join Jim’s Pest Control?

Needed a new career choice and the opportunity came up at the right time and we decided as a family we were ready to take on a new challenge to be self employed.  I also wanted to spend more time with my wife and children as I thought that I was missing out on seeing them grow up as I was working so hard.

2) What are your values?

I believe on delivering exceptional customer service. I believe that if a client engages my services to fix their pest problems, then they can be reassured that I will apply the very best products and practices to fix their issues.  I will not stop until it is solved.  I also believe that family is Number 1 and you should always take time out to enjoy life and if I can help fix those pest issues that have been bugging you for a while this means that you like myself will get more time to enjoy life.

3) Tell us about your Family?

I am married with two gorgeous girls (but I’m bias), we live in Sheidow Park and enjoy attending our local community events.  We have lots of close family and friends which live in the local area and Southern suburbs.

4) What do you like to do outside of work?

We like to attend local community advents with our friends and on most weekends you can find us out at the local shops and restaurants.  We also spend a lot of time visiting our friends and chilling out at each other’s places.

5) What tips can you give to customers?

Don’t try and treat the pests yourself as you will waste your money, ask the experts for advice and a free no obligation quote.

When trying to treat pest yourselves, take the time to sit down and add up how much it is going to cost you to purchase all the chemical to cover the area you are going to treat and the cost of the PPE that you should be wearing.  In most cases it is actually cheaper to get a pest controller like myself in to treat your problem and as a bonus most of my treatments come with warranties.

6) What has been one of your most interesting jobs?

At Jim’s we try to capture bees live where possible.  I remember having a bee swarm 3.8 meters up a tree and the challenges that I faced to do a live capture.  It would have been very easy to just dust and destroy these bees, but I instead persisted and caught them and relocated them to an awaiting bee keeper.

7) How has your Jim’s Pest Control Franchise been for you since joining?

Coming from a non pest control background it was a huge learning curb.  I found that the training was extensive and intensive and went for almost 8 months, however I believed that it prepared me better to be able to service my clients.  I have really enjoyed helping my clients by solving their pest problems, I love the freedom that this opportunity has given me and enjoying building relationships with my clients.  We almost regard our clients as our extended family.

8) Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

To have a well established business with repeat clients to then look at investing into other opportunities to grow the Southern Adelaide region.

9) Pest issues that you find in your area and unique content.

In our local community we tend to see a lot of spider issues as a lot of the area is new there are not a lot of places for these to hide in the garden so we often see them invading homes.  With the increase in solar panels in the community we are also seeing a huge increase in the pigeon and bird populations as they often use these areas for nesting. A lot of people also don’t know that there are also a lot of scorpions in the gardens in our local community, so please be careful when lifting objects left on the ground as it could have become a home for these little fellas. I often here stories from my clients of being stung and the hand and being in excoriating pain. We also have a lot of bees in the local gullies and creeks in the area so it has been good to be able to help the bees find a new home by capturing and relocating them. In recent years we have also started to see a huge rise in the amount of termite damage in the area. A lot of people are complacent as they thing because their home is not that old that termites will not attack it, when in actual fact I have seen termites attack one and two year old homes.

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