Steve Turner Jims Pest Control Technician

Steve Turner
Jim’s Termite & Pest Control
Gawler SA 5118
Call: 131 546

Servicing the areas including:

  • Gawler
  • Willaston
  • Hewett
  • Hillier
  • Gawler South
  • Gawler East
  • Evanston
  • Evanston Park
  • Evanston South
  • Roseworthy

1) Why did you decide to join Jim’s Pest Control?

I brought my Franchise because Jim’s is a highly recognised and trusted brand in the community and that would open doors for my business. This trusted household name has been relied upon for many years by the Australian public. This level of trust and recognition would have taken my own brand many years to achieve.

2) What are your values?

I am honest and reliable and I won’t stop working on a clients pest issue until I have been able to solve it. I really enjoy the challenge that some Pest present.

3) What do you like to do outside of work?

Outside of work I enjoy the company of my family and close friends. I have a passion for any sort of fishing to which some of my exciting catches have been catch and release.  The thrill of trying to outwit the target fish and resulting catch in our beautiful countryside and oceans always gives me natural pleasure and enjoyment. Motor sports especially sprint cars is another of my past times.

4) What tips can you give to customers?

The problem solving aspect our this work allows me to pass on some of my knowledge to assist our clients to minimise their pest problems. Clients should always use trusted professionals when trying to resolve pest type problems.

5) What has been one of your most interesting jobs?

In this job we come across al types of problems. Recently I was contacted by an elderly gentleman with a unusual furry problem a possum had climbed down his chimney flew of his kitchen wood stove. The possum was stuck behind the fire box and there was only one way in and out. The client was concerned about the welfare of our furry friend.  I assured him I would get him out unharmed and after ten or so minutes our possum was out and safely secured.  The smile on my clients face made everything worth while.

6) How has your Jim’s Pest Control Franchise been for you since joining?

Since starting my franchise I’m happy to say I have had a very steady growth.  Every day there is plenty of new challenges. Never a dull moment.

7) Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Over the next five or so years I see my franchise growing as my presence in my local area  becomes more known. People have a growing need for locals to assist them in these type of problems.

8) Pest issues that you find in your area and unique content.

In Gawler we have the fantastic Gawler River which is a great place to bring kids as
they can walk along the banks and explore or climb the magnificent gums trees that line the banks. With the building of the Northern Express way we are now only a short run from Adelaide. We have fantastic events in our community and I always enjoy going the Gawler show. There is always something to do in Gawler and it has all the benefits of being a big country town. In recent years we have seen that more and more people are discovering the fantastic lifestyle we experience here in Gawler and this is evident by the more new homes and businesses coming to the area. With the clearing of rural areas in our community it is also creating increased pest problems for us, as removing homes for termites, rodents and spiders has mean that we are seeing more activity with these pest relocating to the new and old homes in the area. I have recently seen the increased damage that these pests are causing in our community and am doing my best to reduce the impact that these pests are having on our community.

Steve Turner Jims Pest Control Technician

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